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Science, Spirituality, Public Speaking

Making The Complicated Simple

This is a blog on topics related to science, spirituality and public speaking. I also help scientists, engineers and other technically minded people to effectively speak in public, both to lay audiences and to experts in their field.

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About Ben Sinclair

Neuroscientist, Public Speaker

Dr Ben is a neuroscientist with a background in physics. He has worked in astrophysics, characterizing the magnetic field of Saturn and the matter/energy makeup of the universe, and in particle physics at CERN, researching the theory of supersymmetry. His current research is split into two areas. The first is using physical exercise as a treatment for brain diseases. After finding that an unsupervised moderate intensity exercise regime did little to help patients at risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, he is now looking at more vigorous and assisted exercise treatments, teaming up with the Isodynamics Company to test their Reviver device. The second avenue of research is using artificial intelligence in brain imaging. After finding that success in epilepsy surgery is associated with PET image characteristics, he is now using these images in AI algorithms to see whether we can use these characteristics to decide who we should send to surgery.

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